Fair Prices, Fastest Speeds

Giga Speed Ltd (Gigaspeed Broadband) offer the best inner city speeds available in the United Kingdon and is launching in Leeds in late 2017, pure fibre without a single copper connection on our network and this includes the building wiring. Our services are only available in inner city Multiple Dwelling Units and Commercial Businesses based wiithin high rise buildings. We welcome residents and businesses in the city centre of Leeds to to take up this truly unique sonic fast broadband opportunity. We offer 100Mbps to 1Gbps for residents on a symetrical offering and for business we can offer up to 10Gbps downloads and 2.5Gbps upload speeds.

Prices Built For Every Budget

Broadband without line rental, what you see is what you pay.

Residential 100Mbps £33p/m

A must for households that enjoy streaming movies, downloading music, video calling and surfing the web. Beat the BT poorer speeds and jump straight to our 100Mbps starter package

Residentail 1Gbps £48p/m

Why not choose our high speed sonic fast home broadband 1Gbps for the more savvy home networker? Download large files, stream endless films, box sets, music and use as a combination home and business package.

Business 10Gbps P.O.A.

Choose the best ultra fast packages to suit the size of your business. Keep your business connected a cut above the rest by choosing a package from 500Mbsp up to 10Gbps.


We believe that the technology supporting your residential premisses and business operations should reflect the specific needs of your family or company. Let our experts assist you with our wide range of services and installations that allows you to take your mind off the technology and concentrate on your core area of business or leisure activities. Giga Speed Ltd will survey, plan, design and install your building with minimum disruption. These network speeds will add value for residential building owners with our superior technology and speeds.


Giga Speed Ltd or Gigaspeed Broadband build out passive fibre optic infrastructure in residential tower blocks commonly know as MDU's "Multi Dwelling Units" as well and businesses and provides some of the fastest broadband speeds currently offered to UK residents.


Giga Speed is an innovative and rapidly growing full service fibre optic broadband supplier that supports the requirements of both residents and businesses in urban inner cities. We welcome all to our sonic fast offerings we supply and our services are better suited to heavy internet users, techno's, gamers, home workers, streamers or just for browsing.



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